Donation Opportunities

Give the gift of access by making a life-changing donation to the Wheelchair Ramp Accessibility Program (WRAP). As a nonprofit, volunteer-run organization, we depend on gifts of funds and materials to build high-quality ramps and stairs that empower people in need.

Your donation goes directly to the purchase of building materials for a client’s ramp. Community business partnerships have covered all traditional nonprofit overhead expenses.

Select the type of giving that’s most convenient for you or your organization:

Monetary Donations

Donate online securely and quickly, or mail a check to:

Wheelchair Ramp Accessibility Program
PO BOX 276
ELY IA 52227

If you’d like your check to support a ramp build for a certain person, please write their name in the memo line.

When we receive your donation, we’ll provide a letter and a form for your tax filing needs.

Memorial & Honor Gifts

Choose to honor someone, living or deceased, with your donation. Select the option to do so when making an online gift, or include a note with your check.

Sponsor a Ramp

Gifts of all levels make a difference:
• $20: One foot of a ramp
• $200: Top or bottom landing of a ramp
• $500: Short ramp
• $1,000: Medium ramp
• $1,500 Long ramp

Your gift will help pay for materials for a client who doesn’t qualify for financial assistance from other organizations.  



Give lumber, tools, or screws to help volunteers build a ramp. If you own a hardware or home improvement store, consider offering us a discount on supplies. Find out what materials we need.

Planned Giving

Leave a legacy by including WRAP in your estate plan. Contact us to get started.

WRAP made such a difference in the lives of both my parents. Mom was determined that there would never be a ramp on their house. She had gone from Christmas to Easter without leaving the house and was content with that. But when a trip to the emergency room was required, it took four people to help her out of the house and back in again. She realized then that a ramp was a necessity. Once it was built, she had so much more freedom to leave the house, go to appointments, even just take a car ride. The same went for my dad. For both of them, the final year they spent in their home was made so much better because of the ramp. After Dad passed away, it seemed only natural that WRAP be the recipient of his memorial money. WRAP is a very financially responsible charity with a well built and cost effective product which really impacts people’s lives in a very positive way.

Steve Arnold

Other Ideas

• Gift cards
• Meals or treats for volunteers
• Warehouse storage space

Support Our Mission

We’re a non-profit program that depends on volunteers and donors. Your donation goes directly to the purchase of building materials for a client’s ramp.