What to Expect

Our goal at the Wheelchair Ramp Accessibility Program (WRAP) is to provide affordable, flexible home services on a timely basis to those in need. If you need a wheelchair ramp or any of our services, read what to expect during the process.


We will ask you to answer a series of questions about what you need and your financial status to apply for our services.

Application Options

To apply for our services:

  1. Download your application and send via email to intake@wrapiowa.org.
  2. Download your application to print and mail
  3. Call us at 319-270-7294

Design Visit

After you apply, you’ll meet with a WRAP designer at your home to gather information for your ramp’s custom design. The designer will take measurements and talk to you about access points and design specifications. After the visit, the designer will develop your custom design. An estimate will be provided to you on the total cost. Once approval to proceed is received, a building permit is obtained, and the material is ordered. You will be expected to pay for the material and delivery at the time of the order.

Schedule & Watch the Build

If you would like to, you can watch the build, but you don’t have to be home the day we build your ramp. We will work with you to determine when you need the ramp, and yes, we can work within short notices. We can make a ramp on any day and install a ramp in any month. We build ramps when the ground isn’t frozen – typically from April through October. In the winter months, we can install an aluminum ramp for temporary access until the soil warms. On the day of the build, we will send a team of eight to 12 volunteers to your house. The build typically takes four to eight hours. Watch a build in action!

Decide Where You Want to Go!

After the ramp is built, you will have your freedom back. Enjoy it. And if the ramp needs repair or you no longer need it, make sure to contact us. We can help you repair your ramp, move it, and even tear it down and reuse the materials if you no longer need a ramp.