Ways to Donate

WHY HELP? Because we are BUILDING ACCESSIBILITY one ramp at a time!

MOBILITY MEANS SO MUCH MORE THAN MOVEMENT! When we can help people leave their homes to go to work or school, visit loved ones, get health care, or enjoy the outdoors, their quality of life improves tenfold. PRICELESS!

We open the door to FREEDOM and give a sense of empowerment to our disabled neighbors in Linn County and surrounding areas.

Please consider supporting the Wheelchair Ramp Accessibility Program (WRAP). We are building wheelchair ramps and stairs for disabled people of all ages, from children to seniors.

Your gift of TIME, TALENT, or TREASURE will benefit people who:

  • Have no way of getting out of their home without help from someone else
    • Have had a leg or limb amputated
      • Live with a chronic illness
        • Have survived an accident
          • Are disabled and confined to a wheelchair for any reason

Support Us

Donations Accepted for Ramp Material and Funding

How to Support WRAP of Iowa

  • Making a donation — Donate, Give, Contribute, Help! Every amount, BIG or SMALL helps someone in need!
  • Donate materials — Help offset costs for our clients! Donate lumber, screws, or tools
  • Volunteering — Volunteer your time and talent to benefit those who need you


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The ramp makes it so easy to come into my home, and go to physical therapy and occupational therapy to get back on track. WRAP has great customer service, and I’m in awe. The guys were wonderful, awesome workers; I just loved them all to pieces.

Jill, recipient