Read Wheelchair Ramp Accessibility Program (WRAP) success stories that took place throughout the Linn County area.

Jodi & John

A few years ago, when John’s mother became confined to a wheelchair, it became next to impossible to get her in and out of her home to go to daily dialysis appointments. He would have to adjust his work schedule around her appointments so he could carry her in and out of her house and to the car and back. We were so thankful that someone told us about WRAP.

WRAP is a non-profit all volunteer organization that builds custom wheelchair ramps for those who need them. Our designer, Steve, was impressive and made multiple trips to her home to measure and design the ramp specifically for her needs. When the build day came, it only took one afternoon for their awesome team of volunteers to build the ramp.

Immediately, she felt the freedom of being able to leave her home and get to the front curb where her ride picked her up each day for treatments. She said she was so thankful that she did not have to call for help each day and it truly lifted her spirits to be just a little more independent. Our family is very thankful for the help that the WRAP program provided to us and their caring and expertise made our lives so much easier.


One of the biggest blessings from WRAP, which provided a ramp for him, was the ability to get out to go to church. Bill felt that Tom, the ramp designer, was a “big brother” to him because he gave him a big hug after the project was all done. He said it made him feel like someone was on their side, and the volunteers truly are men of God.


WRAP gave me the confidence to get outside. My wife Mary says I beat her out to the car every time we go somewhere now that I can safely get outside. It was an affordable project, and we will most definitely be recommending WRAP to others.


The volunteers are great! In and out and gone. Came at 7:15, done at 3:15. If people need a ramp, I recommend WRAP. This is the best one I’ve seen.


It blew my mind how quickly the ramp was built, and I thought the team was joking when they said they were finished in five hours. The only thing that impedes my use of the ramp is the weather. I have told so many people about WRAP. I was impressed by the level of professionalism of WRAP, and my experience was unbelievable. My designer, Steve, came out and discussed everything with my son, who owns the home, and it was as smooth as can be. The volunteers who did my ramp knew what they were doing.


There is no way I would be able to take care of my wonderfully special grandson without the help of many Earth angels. I want to thank all of the volunteers, designers, workers, and all in the background that made Ethan’s ramp a reality! We are truly blessed. To ALL the WRAP team, Thank you for sharing the love!


The ramp makes it so easy to come into my home, and go to physical therapy and occupational therapy to get back on track. WRAP has great customer service, and I’m in awe. The guys were wonderful, awesome workers; I just loved them all to pieces.


My intake coordinator was knowledgeable, professional, and really good. Steve was timely, and explained everything to keep us in the loop. I feel very safe and have not fallen since the ramp was built. I wasn’t getting out before the ramp, and now I’m visiting with neighbors. It is helpful for doctor appointments, too.


They were all very professional, did a good job, nice, and cleaned up afterwards.


Sharon had previously installed a chair lift, and once she contacted WRAP, she wished she would’ve never bothered with the lift. Sharon’s husband said the volunteers had to do a lot of digging for their ramp to be compliant. WRAP worked from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. and left the place clean. Her husband even learned a thing or two from the WRAP volunteers about drill drivers.


Sherri’s husband couldn’t believe what a wonderful job WRAP did. He said he is friends with one of the city’s building inspectors, and when he told him who built the ramp for them, he was informed that they weren’t going to come to check out their ramp because they already know what kind of work WRAP does. He even recommended WRAP to his neighbor.


I chose to volunteer with WRAP because of the passion I have to help our community members maintain or gain mobility and or access to their home and community. As a professional practicing in the assistive technology and access space for many years, I’ve witnessed firsthand how powerful safe, independent mobility and access is to people in all walks of life.


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